Damages and defects to case goods (items that are boxed) are rare, but they do happen. While we understand that this can be frustrating and inconvenient, K & D’s Discount Store has the right to repair the item before replacing it in its entirety.

In many situations, a defective item can be simply fixed with swapping out a damaged part. If the item is unable to be fixed with a replacement part, then we will exchange the entire item for a new one.

It can take up to 14 business days to receive a confirmation from the warehouse that a replacement item or piece is available.


** ANY flaws must be reported within 7 days of receiving the item(s) **

A minimum of 3 clear images and detailed description must be sent by e-mail. Please include your name, best contact number, copy of receipt and any further description that may help.

Failure to provide the necessary information during this process will result in a delayed resolution and may press beyond the given time frame to submit claims.

Submit Defect/Damage E-mails:   KandDsDiscountStore@gmail.com


Accumulation refers to incidents/instances/issues that have piled up or accumulated over time because they were not addressed in timely fashion. In instances of accumulation, we are not able to replace or repair an entire item. Additionally, it is not a valid basis for return. 

Example: A single tear that occurs on a sectional within the warranty time frame can be repaired or fully replaced.
A dozen tears on a sectional that resulted from multiple instances cannot be replaced in full, regardless of warranty time frame.