Layaways are considered a binding agreement between K & D’s Discount Store, LLC. and any customer(s). As of December 13th, 2019, in order to provide the best service and customer care, the following guidelines are to be followed:

– A minimum of $100.00 down is required to begin a layaway.
– Items/Orders over $1,199.99 PRE-TAX require a 50% deposit.
– All Deposits are non-refundable.

– We allow 60 days to complete payment unless otherwise stated.
– After payment is fulfilled, item(s) are available for pick up or delivery.
– As with our regular policy, there are no refunds or exchanges.

** Balances cannot roll over into another layaway process. **

If a customer is unable to complete payment within the allotted time frame,
they will receive the part of the merchandise order that is already paid for
and forfeit any remaining balance.

– Example: If a customer is paying on a 5 piece bedroom set, they will receive
the items of the set that are already paid for and surrender any remaining balance.

– In the case of a single item on layaway, the customer forfeits their item and any funds already paid.